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Library COVID-19 Dashboard
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Welcome! Services for Graduate Students in Science & Engineering : Home

Library resources and services to help graduate students make an impact, academically and professionally.

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UW-Madison Libraries are partners throughout the life-cycle of research, teaching and learning.

To that end, we are available to work with you as you contribute to the scholarship of your discipline and engage with mentors, fellow students, collaborators and stakeholders.

Science & Engineering Libraries Engagement Teams

To best facilitate your research and maintain contact with the colleges and departments we serve, UW Science & Engineering Librarians work in teams. 

AGES (Agriculture, Geology, & Environmental Sciences) Team

Email the AGES Team

Karen Dunn | Steenbock LIbrary

Marie Dvorzak | Geology Library

Casey Schacher | Steenbock Library

Heather Shimon | Steenbock Library


Bioscience Team

Email the Bioscience Team

Jessica Newman | Steenbock Library

Barb Sisolak | Steenbock Library




PSET (Physical Science & Engineering Team)

Email PSET

Ariel Andrea Chemistry Building

Dave Bloom | Steenbock Library

Anne Glorioso Steenbock Library

Travis Warwick | AMP Library



UW Madison Libraries Statement of Values

The UW–Madison Libraries will continue to look for ways to eliminate undue hardship for the patrons who use our collections, services, and facilities. We will continue to work to ensure we provide welcoming and inclusive surroundings for all who wish to take advantage of our spaces and services. Actions meant to hurt, alienate, or divide this community will not be tolerated.” 

UW Madison Science & Engineering Libraries: Diversity, Inclusion &  Equity