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Point of Care/Clinical Databases


An excellent background resource for students and clinicians interested in efficiently filling holes in their knowledge base. UpToDate is a large on-line medical textbook (~80,000 pages of text) containing short, well-written discussions of medical topics in internal medicine, pediatrics, ob/gyn and family medicine. Each review article is written by an expert in the field being discussed, and is designed to provide a quick way to get up to speed. Approximately 40% of the content is updated every four months.


DynaMed is a clinical decision support system that provides clinicians with evidence-based information for quick answers at the point of care. It contains: Overviews, recommendations, specialty topics, drug information, graphics and images, and a free mobile app. It is updated multiple times daily to insure currency. Integrated Micromedex content provides resources to help better inform prescription decisions, medication management strategies and treatment decisions as a result of lab tests in the course of patient care.

BMJ Best Practice

BMJ Best Practice is a clinical decision support tool from BMJ. Search for topics or browse by speciialities. It provides guidance on diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and prevention. It  is updated daily using robust evidence-based methodology and expert opinion

Essential Evidence Plus

Essential Evidence Topics are designed to give clear, evidence-based recommendations at the point of care for primary care clinicians, hospitalists, emergency and urgent care physicians. Topics are also linked to over 5000 POEMs research summaries, over 8000 summaries from the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, over 5000 diagnostic test calculators, and over 600 custom clinical decision support tools.

Starting 9/23: Users must create a personal profile associated with UW-Madison to access EE+. Go to our Essential Evidence Plus tutorial for how to create your profile.

Clinical Key Overviews

Clinical Overviews provide a clinically focused summary of a topic. They include 'key points', 'pitfalls' and 'urgent action' (where applicable) to match the clinician workflow. Clinical overviews can be searched and browsed.

Medscape Reference

Free online medical reference available to physicians and other health care professionals. Content is updated regularly by more than 8,000 attributed physician or health care providers. Medscape Reference contains articles on over 6,500 diseases and medical topics, and is illustrated with more than 25,000 multimedia files.  Medscape Reference articles undergo a certain amount physician peer review plus an additional review by a PharmD prior to publication.


Critically Appraised

Patient Education