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History of the Health Sciences : Other Collections

Online Resources from Other Institutions

We've created a small collection of online resources from History of Medicine/Health Sciences libraries, archives, special collections, and museums. While these are great resources to peruse and become inspired, please take care when using photographs from these sites. Many institutions have policies in place for their works, so when in doubt, check with them.


Blogs are a great way to get quick information on artifacts and images. When starting a new project, browsing blogs can help you to find something you've never seen before, but want to learn more about. These blogs include background information that may jumpstart your research.

Digital Collections

These institutions made impressive amounts of their collection available to unaffiliated users. Digital collections allow you to experience historical images, renderings, texts, and letters. Additionally in these collections you may also find photographs of artifacts. Utilizing these collections will allow you to investigate resources that may not included in UW-Madison's collection. As always, be sure to read policies of each institution for reproduction and acknowledgement information.  

Photo Collections

These photograph collections give a snapshot of artifacts and books, but they do not include much (if any) background information. Nonetheless, they are quick to browse and may include beneficial resources for your research. 

Oral Histories