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History of the Health Sciences : Third Step

Third Step

Third Step: Questions to ask as you collect evidence  

Your working title is: "Oversexed, Overpaid, Over Here: Prevention vs. Abstinence in British and American Anti-VD Campaigns"

When looking for secondary resources that will help contextualize the subject OR for primary material that will provide evidence for your narrative, these would be some themes to consider...

  • Was the Red Cross involved with education?

  • Were the governments involved?

  • What were the methods of education? Posters, lectures in camps, radio announcements, songs?

  • Were the methods different in American training camps then in British training camps?

  • Did either country involve the local health care practitioners wherever the base was located? Were there translation services for local material published in a foreign language?

  • Was the same educational material used overseas used on the home fronts?

  • Did they enlist the help of prostitutes?