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Law Student Wellness : Mental health resources

Wellness resources for law students.

Law School Mental Health Resources

Mental health support

ABA Substance Abuse & Mental Health Toolkit

Meditation apps

Healthy Minds Program App - Meditations to gain focus and reduce stress, for iOS and Android

Headspace meditation app and much more, for iOS and Android

10% Happier: Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics app for iOS and Android

Shine meditation and motivation app for iOS and Android

Insight Timer meditation app, for iOS and Android

Calm improve sleep quality, reduce stress, improve focus and more for iOS and Android

The Mindfulness App, for sleep, relaxation, and focus, for iOS and Android

Other mental health apps

Woebot a personal web robot who shares Cognitive Behavioral skills to help navigate through stress and unhelpful thoughts for iOS and Android 

Moodnotes "thought journal" app for iOS 

Pacifica anxiety management "toolbox" for iOS and Android

Recovery Path "technology assisted addiction recovery" for iOs and Android 

7 Cups online therapy app for iOS and Android

Happify overcome worries and stress for iOS and Android

Talkspace counseling and therapy app for iOS and Android