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Law Student Wellness : Physical wellness & Recreation

Wellness resources for law students.

Physical Wellness & Recreation on campus

UW Recreation & Wellbeing:  If you're a student, you are already a member. All you need is your Wiscard. So many opportunities to get fit and have fun!

Outdoor UW: Equipment rentals - paddling, climbing, hiking, camping & snowshoeing. Home to the WI Hoofers.

UW Running Club: The UW Running Club welcomes runners of all levels for regular workouts, as well as races and other events.

UW Fitness Trail:The Fitness Trail along the lakeshore path features nine stations designed to target specific muscle groups. 

3 Running Routes on and off Campus: 5K, 10K, & 20K routes.

Nutrition apps

Lifesum for iOS and Android

Superfood - Healthy Recipes for iOS and Android

Cronometer for iOS and Android

Daily Water Tracker Reminder for iOS and Android

Physical Fitness Apps

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout for iOS and Android

Nike Training Club for iOS and Android

Simply Yoga for iOS and Android 

YouTube workouts