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Wellness resources for law students.

Law Student Wellness Guide


We hope you find these resources helpful as you navigate law school and life. If you have any suggestions for this guide, please email B.J. Ramsay.

Law school can be tough, but you've totally got this.

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*Please note that inclusion on these lists does not represent any endorsement by or on behalf of the Law Library.

Study in comfort - then play table tennis or frisbee!

Ask at the Circulation Desk.

Take a break from sitting.
Try a tabletop standing desk.

tabletop standing desk

Make your chair more comfortable.
Check out a no pressure cushion.

chair cushion

Support your lower back.
Use a lumbar support cushion.

lumbar chair cushion

Recharge your phone.
Ask for an iPhone or Android charger.

phone charging cables

Improve your focus.
Play some table tennis!

tennis table rackets and balls

Refresh your mind.
Play frisbee on Bascom Hill!

two yellow frisbees


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