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Spanish Golden Age Literature : Research and Citation Tips

Primary and Secondary Sources

La Expulsión en el Puerto de Denia By Vicente Mostre ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Citation Styles and Citation Managers

Citation Styles and Citation Managers such as  EndNote, EndNote Basic, Mendeley, or Zotero are software tools for managing your citations.  Citation Managers will help you:

  • Create and organize a personal research database
  • Download citations from online databases
  • Format bibliographies and citations in papers
  • Share your citations with others


Information on how to avoid plagiarism from UW-Madison's Writing Center.

For additional information, please watch this video made by the UW School of Journalism. 

Tips for Searching

AND, OR, NOT (Keyword Boolean)

  • Use AND, OR, NOT to combine search terms
  • Use quotation marks to indicate phrases: "Divina Commedia"
  • Use opening and closing parentheses to group search terms
  • Use ? or * to truncate: donna? or donna*  (will find singular and plural forms). Note that the use of truncation symbols vary in each database or catalog.
  • There is no need to write with diacritics (accents, tildes, etc.)


Carvantes AND (tema? OR critica?)

Cervantes AND “Don Quijote”

“Teatro” AND "comedia" AND Spain

"social aspects" AND “Spanish literature”

Spanish AND "clitic placement"