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Introductory research guide for history of science and technology : Guides to related subjects

Introductory guide to basic bibliographies, journals, and reference works for history of science and technology

UW-Madison Library research guides for history

Related library research guides include one on

and, more generally,

Scores of other research guides on specific topics as well as broader subjects are available through the UW-Madison Libraries.

Related research guides from other institutions

H-Sci-Med-Tech, part of H-Net, is concerned with the study of "science, medicine and technology across a wide variety of periods and regions of the world. While rooted in history, ours is truly an interdisciplinary field, bringing together complementary theories and methodologies from across the humanities and the social sciences." The site includes, among other features, Resources in the history of science, medicine, and technology.

Librarians at other universities have also compiled research guides for history of science and technology -- for example. the deep and extensive Harvard Library research guide for the history of science at Harvard.