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General Business 360 Communication Guide

Closings & Conclusions

Shorter Routine Messages

Include a short goodwill closing at the end of your emails to build relationships. The more specific and personalized your wishes are, the more authentic they will be.


Good luck with your presentation on Friday!

Enjoy your trip to Vancouver!

Have a relaxing break.

If appropriate, express appreciation for something the reader has done for you.

Thank you for all of your hard work in organizing our Jazzfest events!

I appreciate your getting this done so quickly for our team.


Longer Routine Messages

The concluding paragraph of a longer message should

  • Review very briefly why the topic of the message is important
  • Include next steps – either state what you propose to do next or ask the reader what they would like you to do next
  • Add a goodwill closing expressing genuine appreciation

Report Conclusions

The purpose of a report conclusion is to briefly review everything you have covered and remind readers how these topics are helpful and why the information is important. The conclusion should be succinct and make readers feel they have accomplished something by reading this report.

The conclusion should include the following pieces:

  • Summary of main points in the same order as the topics in your report
  • Reminder of key findings – keep this very short
  • Emphasis on the use and/or importance of the topics and findings

Edit the conclusion carefully so that you end on a strong note.