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Android Guide Introduction

This guide is meant to give you an idea of what legal apps are available for the Android market.  It is by no means an exhaustive list, but it is designed to give you a broad swath of apps that may be helpful for you in law school or in the professional arena.  

In addition to this Android libguide, be sure to check out our Ipad mobile applications Libguide.  It is designed to help legal professionals find apps for the IOS. 

Updates to the Guide and Submitting an App

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While this guide is updated on a a regular basis, the Law Library cannot be responsible for the accuracy of the legal information that is provided within the legal apps. 

As always, if you have a question about the currency of law or want to use the officially published legal materials, ask the reference librarians!

This is a living document, meaning it is always getting updated and changed.  If you find an app that may help others, please submit it!  Email Kris Turner if you have any ideas or suggestions.

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