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Android Applications for Lawyers, Law Faculty and Law Students : Basic Android Information

Android apps for legal professionals.

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Basic Android Apps

                Photo of android app symbol- a green alien.


An Introduction to Android Apps:


Getting Started with Basic Android Apps and Games (from the Android Website)

Google Play Store for Android Apps

How to Install Android Apps (article)

Uninstalling Android Apps (Google Play "Help" Article)

25 "Essential" Android Apps (Time Magazine Online List)


System Apps vs. Downloaded Apps

The apps that are already loaded on your android when you purchase it are called "system apps". These can be uninstalled or 'frozen' if you need more memory, but you should proceed with caution. Some of these apps help maintain the integrity of the operating system. If you are unsure of an app, check with your provider first to ensure its removal won't harm the  operating system.


Android Accessories

Many mobile users, especially tablet users, find that accessories can make their tablets even more useful and powerful. Here are some suggested additions to your tablet. Note that a wide range of companies produce each accessory, so searching around may yield a better product or better price.

Keyboards: A wide range of keyboards for Android tablets are available. Many of them use Bluetooth technology to connect with the tablet, transforming your tablet into a mini-computer. I have personally found that taking notes becomes much easier with the keyboard on the tablet rather than tapping on the screen. One of the most well-known producers of tablet keyboards is Logitech. Their Android page offers a range of keyboards, some of which double as tablet covers.


Stylus: A Stylus is a pen for your tablet. Instead of using your finger to sign or write or tap, you can use the soft rubber at the end of these stylized pens to make using your tablet even simpler. An example of a higher-end stylus is the Bamboo Stylus Duo, which serves as both a stylus and pen. These are a little pricey, and cheaper ones abound.


Screen Protectors and Cloths: Another useful option to consider for your tablet are screen protectors, which are clear plastic covers that snap into place over your screen and keep grimy fingerprints off of your expensive tablet. Along those same lines, there are special cloths that are sold that can help effectively clean off those same prints or other dirt. These also vary widely in quality and price, but one place to begin your search is the Android shop. which features a range of both cloths and protectors. Remember that the protectors must match up with the type of Android tablet or phone that you own to properly fit.


Other Accessories: Other accessories can range from Bluetooth speakers to Travel Chargers and Charging Pads to Selfie Sticks and Tripod Mounts for pictures. It really just depends on what you want to accomplish with your tablet or phone!

General Android Help and Updates from around the Web






Books on Androids available in print and online from the UW Library Catalog