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Journalism & Mass Communication Anti-Racism Resources : Racism


As defined in the Dismantling Racism Works Books (2020), racism is a pervasive and systemic problem that affects all levels of cultural, institutional, and personal life. As written on their website: 

  • Racism = race prejudice + social and institutional power
  • Racism = a system of advantage based on race
  • Racism = a system of oppression based on race
  • Racism = a white supremacy system

Racism is different from racial prejudice, hatred, or discrimination. Racism involves one group having the power to carry out systematic discrimination through the institutional policies and practices of the society and by shaping the cultural beliefs and values that support those racist policies and practices (paras. 9, 10, 16, 17, & 18).

dRWorks. (2020). Racism defined. Dismantling Racism Web Workbook.