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Animal Research Alternatives and Animal Care : Home

A guide for finding alternatives to the use of animals in laboratory research.

Welcome to Animal Research Alternatives and Animal Care


A Guide to Locating Animal Research Alternatives and Animal Care Resources


This guide was created to assist UW-Madison research scientists in fulfilling the information requirements of the Animal Welfare Act to A) consider alternatives to the use of animals before beginning a research project, B) consider alternatives to any distressful procedures and C) avoid unnecessary duplication of previous work before beginning a research project.


UW-Madison investigators are required to search the relevant literature and supply their findings to their school's designated Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC). This guide provides tips for effectively conducting literature searches and links to resources for animal care information.


See the Research Animal Resources Center (RARC) web site for more information about the laws, regulations, and rules governing the care and use of laboratory animals on the UW-Madison campus.  UW-Madison Researcher's Guide to Animal Care & Use ("The Rules We Live By") is available on the RARC site.




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