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Think, Make, Investigate: Carts & Kits at Steenbock Library : littleBits Synth Kits

About the littleBits Synth Kits

LittleBits Synth Kit image


littleBits Synth Kits are easy-to-use, magnetized circuitry kits designed for exploring the science of sound and experimenting with noise and music. A collaboration between littleBits and electronic music pioneer Korg, these bits are modeled after the components of classic analog synthesizers. No background in electronics or music needed!

Steenbock's kits circulate with:

  • USB I/O BitA littleBits USB I/O bit for recording directly from the kit to a digital audio workstation on your laptop (for instance, Garage Band or Audacity) via USB. Add tracks to your heart's content and create your own ambient masterpiece, spooky movie soundtrack, or quirky pop tune.
  • Headphones to keep things quiet as you work through your noisiest ideas.

Steenbock Library has two littleBits Synth Kits for checkout. 


Getting Started

The kits circulate with a user manual. You can also download a PDF version below.

YouTube is full of great ideas that others have executed using the littleBits Synth Kit. Here are a few particularly helpful videos: 

Recording with the LittleBits Synth Kit

The USB I/O bit included with Steenbock's synth kits is compatible with most Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) for relatively easy recording. Below are instructions for using the USB I/O bit with Audacity (a free, open-source DAW compatible with Windows, Mac, and other operating systems) and GarageBand (included with macOS and iOS devices).