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Think, Make, Investigate: Carts & Kits at Steenbock Library : Building Blocks

About the Building Block Cart

Share ideas with teammates, relieve stress, or get your creativity flowing with the LEGOs and K'nex on this cart. This cart floats freely through the library. No need to check anything out!  

When LEGOs Just Aren't Big Enough

Hey, Are Those Giant LEGOs?

Not exactly. The stackable bricks that you may have noticed around Steenbock are a product of EverBlock, a company that makes modular building blocks intended for many applications, including office dividers, décor, furniture, and retail display.

LEGO® and EverBlock® are federally-registered trademarks held by completely different companies.

Okay, But Can I Play with Them? 

Of course. They're basically just giant LEGOs. Have fun!