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Think, Make, Investigate: Carts & Kits at Steenbock Library : 3Doodler 3-D Pens

About 3Doodler 3-D Pens

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Steenbock Library has two 3Doodler Create Plus 3D pens available at the circulation desk. 3D pens extrude heated plastic and let you draw raised graphics without the aid of software or 3D printer know-how.  

Each pen comes with a 3Doodler DoodlePad, an instruction booklet, and additional supplies.  

These pens are available for in-library use only. 


filament imageFilament is not included with the 3D pens. 

You can purchase filament for the 3Doodler Create Plus using the vending machine on the first floor of Steenbock Library. You will receive a card that can be redeemed for filament at the service desk on the second floor.

All filament currently available at Steenbock Library is PLA (Polylactic Acid) filament, and the pen must be set appropriately to heat it to the correct temperature for extrusion. Although all 3 types of filaments compatible with the 3Doodler have advantages, PLA is plant-based, great for most uses, and smells better than ABS!

You can also purchase filament through various websites and stores. Please use only 3Doodler brand filament (ABS, PLA, or FLEXY) compatible with the 3Doodler Create and not the 3Doodler Start or 3Doodler Pro. 

Please let us know on the Feedback page if you'd like to see ABS or FLEXY filament made available as an option.

Getting started


The manual included with the pens should give you most of the information you need to begin. Manuals for 3Doodler products are also available in multiple languages at the official site. The 3Doodler model available at Steenbock Library is the 3Doodler Create+.