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Welcome to Japan Study Guide !

The Japanese Collection in the Memorial Library at the University of Wisconsin–Madison is designed to support research in the social sciences and humanities. The collection includes both academic and popular materials in the following formats: books, periodicals, VHS tapes and DVDs, electronic databases. The majority of materials are in Japanese and English, but the collection also includes resources in Chinese, Korean, and other Asian languages, as well as in such European languages as French and German. As of June 2014 the Japanese collection contained 84,482 physical volumes. Materials in Japanese and resources related to Japan are also housed in other campus libraries, such as the College Library, Kohler Art Library, MERIT Library (Media, Educational Resources and Information Technology), Mills Music Library, and Steenbock Library (Agriculture and Life Sciences); rare and archival materials are available in the Special Collections and via the Digital Collections website. These materials are also available through Interlibrary Loan (ILL), Global ILL Framework (GIF), and North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources (NCC). Search for materials using our online catalogs: Library Catalog; if you need assistance, please contact our reference help desk. The Japanese Collection is an open collection located on the 4th floor at Memorial library. Please check the website for hours and services.      

Using collection

Using the collection

The Japanese Collections are located on the 4th floor in Memorial Library.

Inside Memorial Library:

  • Books and periodicals in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean: located on the 4th floor.
  • East Asian periodicals are located on the 4th floor South stack.
  • Reference books (dictionaries, encyclopedias, indexes, maps): East Asian Reading Room (room 412)
  • Films (VHS tapes and DVDs): Stored at Verona facility.

Library Catalog.

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Library Hours

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Getting started


Japanese Language Studies 

Japanese Student Association (JSA)

The Japanese Student Association is a student organization at UW-Madison that aims to spread and share Japanese culture to all students on campus. 

Undergraduate Major in Japanese at UW-Madison 

Asian Languages and Culture


Major database


CiNii (Scholarly and Academic Information Navigator) is a database service that enables searching of information on academic papers published in academic society journals or university research bulletins, or included in the National Diet Library's Japanese Periodicals Index Database.

Bookplus indexes over 1,740,000 books. published in Japan from 1926 to the present.
J-STAGE (The Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic) is a repository of academic journal articles and research papers created and maintained by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JSTA). Entries marked with the “Free/PDF” icon are available in full-text form free of charge. Some items may require a nominal fee for viewing. Other entries consist of bibliographic citations only. If an item's full text is not available, search the journal title in the UW Library Catalog to see if the journal is available through other databases; if it is not, use ILL. Patrons may register for MY J-STAGE, which allows access to additional services. Access to J-STAGE is free, and the site is available independent of the UW Libraries website.
JAIRO Japanese institutional repositories online
JAIRO, launched by the Japanese Institute of Informatics, allows the user to search across Japanese research institutes such as universities for academic information (including journal articles, theses, dissertations, departmental bulletins and research papers). As of January 2009, JAIRO included 87 institutional repositories with over 570,000 entries.

Useful dictionaries

Goo Jisho​

Google translator.


English/Japanese. Translates both in words and sentences.


Japanese to English, English to Japanese, English to Chinese, and English to Spanish.

Sanseido Web Dictionary



Japan Knowledge Lib

About Japan: Multiple Encyclopedias and Dictionaries. Also available: 日本歴史地名大系 県別閲覧; 日本歴史地名大系 県別閲覧; 江戸名所図会; 平成ニッポン生活便利帳; 古事類苑; 文庫クセジュ; 東洋文庫.



Irie, Haruki, 1927


Bessho, Naoki, 1964

Ming studies in Japan 1961-1981, a classified bibliography = 日本明代研究分類目錄

Wang, Richard T, 1985


Imai Takuji ... [and others], 1993

日本大学研究業績目錄 = Nihon University bibliography of faculty research

Nihon Daigaku kenkyū gyōseki mokuroku = Nihon University bibliography of faculty research, 1992-1993 

国文学年鑑 = Bibliography of research in Japanese literature

Kokubungaku nenkan = Bibliography of research in Japanese literature, 1977-2005


Fujii, Takashi, 1991

図書館学綜說 : 図書の整理と運用の研究

Mōri, Miyahik, 1950

日本の名著=Nihon no meicho

Mainichi Shinbunsha hen, 1976

日本の古典 : 名著ヘの招待=Nihon no koten : meichoe no shōtai

​Kitahara, Yasuo


Translations Database/Books

Japanese Literature in Translation 

Compiled by the Japanese Foundation, the database covers Japanese literacy works translated into 66 different languages.

Premodern Japanese Texts and Translations

Bibliography of translations from classical Japanese up to about 1600 that includes works written in Kanbun and Chinese, and items describing and Chinese.

Translations of Japanese Noh Plays

Bibliography of Translations from the Japanese into western Languages from the 16th Century to 1912

Inada, Hide Ikehara, 1971

A List of Translations of Japanese Drama into English, French, and Chinese

Sakanishi, Shiho, 1935


Free Online Dictionaries

Goo jisho

Google translator.


Provides words, kanji, example sentences i both English and Japanese.

Sanseido web dictionary


Books dictionaries

Dictionary Databases

CJKV-English Dictionary

This dictionary-database represents the onging results of 20 years of research in East Asia pre-modern texts, from Zhou dynasty materials  to nineteenth-century writings in China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

Digital Dictionary of Buddhism 

This dictionary is a compilation of Buddhism terms, texts, temple, schools, persons, etc. that found in Buddhist canonial source. 


Japan Knowledge

About Japan: Encyclopedias, dictionaries and database.

Japan : an illustrated encyclopedia 

Entry words also in Japanese.Includes bibliographical references (v. 2, pages 1832-1845) and indexes

古事類苑=Koji ruien

Photoreproduction of 1896-1914 ed. issued by Jingū Shichō: initial vols. prepared by Kōten Kōkyūjo headed by Konakamura Kiyonori and completed by Jingū Shichō headed by Hoaokawa Junjirō.

世界大百科事典 = Heibonsha's world encyclopaedia

Includes [vol. 34] Hyakka benran, 3rd edition. 1998, and [v. 35] Arumanakku, 2000.

Japan : profile of a nation = Eibun Nihon shōjiten

  • English and Japanese; colophon in Japanese.



Online magazines

Keisha Index
This database is a citation index to periodical articles published in Japanese since 1868. Based on Meiji-Taisho-Showa-zenki Zasshi Kiji Sakuin Shusei, the database complements NDL's online index to magazines and periodicals (Kokuritsu Kokkai Toshokan Zasshi Kiji Sakuin). In addition, the coverage includes nationally distributed periodicals (Zenkoku-shi) and regionally published periodicals (Chiho-shi) as well as those published in former Japanese colonies (such as Toa Dobunkai and Toa Dobunshoin Daigaku).

Electronic resources

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Subscribed database (Memorial Library)

Sankou Inari

Free E-Resources Open to Public

Subject guide


Arts/Art History




Digital South Asia Library

A catalog of the 19th century publications found in the Oriental and India Office Collections (OIOC) of the British Library. The collections includes literature and documents on India, Pakistan, Burma, Bangladesh, and neighbor countries, Iran and the Gulf states, South Africa, St Helena, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China and Japan.



NIJL (国文学研究資料館)

The Museum of Modern Japanese Literature (日本近代文学館)

Japan Foundation

Japanese literary works translated into other languages, most after World War Two. Searches can be made either in Japanese character or Roman letters.

Japanese Literature in English 



Encyclopedias -books-

Pictorial encyclopedia of modern Japan
Revised edition. Tokyo, Japan : Gakken ; New York, N.Y. : Distributors, U.S., Kodansha International/USA, through Harper & Row, 1991.

The knowledge of nature and the nature of knowledge in early modern Japan

Paperback edition. Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2017. ©2015. Includes bibliographical references and index.

戦後史大事典 = Encyclopedia of postwar Japan 1945-1990

Tōkyō : Sanseidō, 1991.東京 : 三省堂, 1991. Includes bibliographical references (pages 991-1039) and indexes. In Japanese.

Encyclopedia of world trade : from ancient times to the present

[Enhanced Credo edition] Armonk, NY : Sharpe Reference, 2005. Boston, Massachusetts : Credo Reference, 2014.

Encyclopedia of Japanese American history : an A-to-Z reference from 1868 to the present

Updated ed. New York : Facts on File, [2001]

Encyclopedia of Japanese descendants in the Americas : an illustrated history of the Nikkei

Walnut Creek, CA : AltaMira Press, [2002]

 East meets East : Chinese discover the modern world in Japan, 1854-1898 : a window on the intellectual and social transformation of modern China

Ann Arbor, Michigan : Association for Asian Studies, Inc., [2014]

部落問題・人権事典 = Encyclopedia of buraku and human rights issues

Shinteiban. Ōsaka-shi : Buraku Kaihō Jinken Kenkyūjo : Hatsubai Kaihō Shuppansha, 2001. 新訂版. 大阪市 : 部落解放・人権研究所 : 発売解放出版社, 2001.


Trade Policy Review

The World Trade Organization (WTO) monitors the trade policies and practices of its member nations and resolves trade disputers. This CD-ROM includes reviews of the 28 member countries made by the WTO. Reviews of the EU, US, Japan and Canada are done every two years.



Encyclopedias -Dictionaries-

Historical dictionary of United States-Japan relationsLanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press, 2007.

Historical dictionary of postwar Japan

Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press, 2011. Includes bibliographical references.

日本人物レファレンス事典. 江戶時代の武士篇 = Biography index. 21,166 Japanese samurai in the Edo period appearing in 373 volumes of 245 biographical dictionaries and encyclopedias

Tōkyō : Nichigai Asoshiētsu, 2016. Tōkyō : Hatsubaimoto Kabushiki Kaisha Kinokuniya Shoten

東京 : 日外アソシエーツ, 2016. 東京 : 発売元株式会社紀伊國屋書店

Historical dictionary of Osaka and Kyoto

Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press, 1999. Includes bibliographical references

Japan dictionary; Japanalia

New York : Philosophical Library, [1957] [©1956]

The Kodansha bilingual encyclopedia of Japan = [対訳 日本辞典]

 First edition. Tokyo : Kodansha International ; New York : Kodansha America, 1998.東京 : 講談社インターナショナル, 1998.

The A to Z of United States-Japan RelationsBlue,Ridge Summit : Scarecrow Press, 2010.

JapanKnowledge 知識探索サイト = Japan knowledge : encyclopedias, dictionaries and databases

Tōkyō : Netto Adobansusha, 2001.東京 : ネットアドバンス社, 2001.


Nagoya Castle

Social studies

Bijin ga


Social Science Japan: Newsletter of the Information Center fro Japanese Social Studies, Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo

The Center, 1994-

Japan Forum

Oxford University Press for the British Association for Japanese Studies, 1989-

Bibliography of the Humanistic Studies and Social Relations

Committee for Compiling the Bibliography of the Humanistic Studies and Social Relations, 1952-


Women's studies

National Woman's Education Center 

Both in English/Japanese


Asia-Japan Women's Resource Center 

Woman's Asia 21: Voices from Japan (Need my wisc ID to login)

Asia-Japan Women's Resource Center, 1995-




RIRC, Religious Information Research Center (宗教情報リサーチセンター)

Collections of the articles of newspaper and magazines dealing with religion and the publications by religious orders. 

​The Huntington Archive of Buddhist and Asian Art

Provides documentation and resource materials related to Buddhist an dart in Asia for scholarly research and classroom teaching

Japanese Buddhism 

Well written explanations and variety of information about Japanese Buddhism. 

Buddhism in Japan

Information about the history, philosophy and practice of Buddhism in Japan.

Buddhism Dictionaries

Japanese Buddhist Statuary

A-Z dictionary about Buddhism world with photos and videos. 

Digital Dictionary of Buddhism 

Both English and Japanese are available. 

CJKV-English Dictionary

A dictionary of Sinitic characters and compounds related to East Asian cultural, political, and intellectual history including Buddism. 

Books, Journals, and Magazines at UW

Japan Before Buddhism 

Kidder, J. Edward (Jonathan Edward), 1959

Assembling Shinto: Buddhist approaches to Kami worship in medieval Japan

Andreeva, Anna, 2017 

Darwin, Dharma, and Divine: Evolutionary theory and religion in modern Japan

​Gobert, G, Clinton, 2017

Japanese Zen Buddhism and Impossible Painting

Lippit, Yoko, 2017

Religious Dynamics Under the Impact of Imperialism and Colonialism: A Sourcebook (Need my wisc ID to login)

Bjorn Bentlage, Marion Eggert, Hans Martin Kramer and Stefan Reichmuth, 2017


Meiji jingu

Datavase at UW

ATLA Database with ATLA Series

Contains journal articles, book reviews, and collection of essays in all fields of religion. (My wisc ID login required).

Internet Sacred Text Archive 

Public-domain texts including links to some other offsites og significant primary writings in world religions.



Performing Arts


-Database of Magazines on Local History  地方史研究雑誌データベース




Encyclopedia of food and culture

New York : Scribner, [2003] ©2003

Encyclopedia of contemporary Japanese cultureLondon ; New York : Routledge, 2002.

Encyclopedia of contemporary Japanese cultureLondon New York : Routledge, 2009.

Critical survey of graphic novels : mangaIpswich, Mass. : Salem Press, [2013]

Tea Store

Pop Culture

Cover Picture

Manga at UW

Critical Survey of Graphic Novels: Manga 

Bart H. Beaty, Stephen Weiner, 2013

The Art of Osamu Tezuka: God of Manga

Helen McCarthy, 2009

Research in Japan


Useful information

International Research Center for Japan Studies

JET Programs

Tokyo Archives and Research Tips

Go Japan Go

Japan travel guides including information about Japanese culture.


East Asia Studies


E-Tripitala Later han dynasty to the beginning of the Yuan dynasty

The electronic edition of a large collection of Chinese Buddhist Canon that is used throughout East Asia.

Bibliography of East Asia Studies Online 

Lists of journal articles about East Asia in Western language journals and books.

Center for East Asian Studies at UW-Madison 

Free online resources