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International Business : Library Databases and Internet Resources

Search Tips

Tips for Business Source Complete: Enter a country name in the first search field, then scroll down to Publication Type and select the Report and Country Report checkboxes. Or use the Browse sidebar at the right of the search page and select the link for Country Reports.

Tips for CountryWatch: For Culture, select your country in the Quick Links drop-down box, then select Cultural Etiquette in the left sidebar under the Social Overview section. For News, select Country Wire or Intelligence Wire for news and political intelligence.

Tips for Nexis Uni: On the main screen, use the Search in all News box to search by country name, then on the results screen use the Narrow By limiters to filter your search (Country & Region Reports is available under Publication Type). Or select All Sources from the Menu drop-down at the top of the screen, then use the Search Within Sources box to search by country name or by source name such as BBC Monitoring, BMI Country Risk Report, Business Monitor International, and PRS Risk Guide & Service.

Library Databases and Internet Resources

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