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About this Guide

Welcome to the Comics and Graphic Fiction Research Guide. Here, you will find helpful links to resources for both students and teachers of the comic arts. These resources will be useful in conducting research, writing papers, and teaching comics and graphic novels.

What are Comics?

Comics are a genre of literature that combines image with text or other visual forms of information. Some types of comics you may be familiar with are: graphic novels (book-length comics), superhero comics, manga (Japanese comics), web comics, and so on. Comics can be about any subject, and thus, the resources we include in this guide are multidisciplinary and can be of use to students and teachers of many subject areas.

"Test Your Sense of Humor" with UW-Madison professor and cartoonist Lynda Barry

"Test Your Sense of Humor" by Lynda Barry

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This Research Guide was created by Oliver Bendorf and Susan Barribeau.

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