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Comics and Graphic Fiction : Finding Comics at UW-Madison

Finding Comics and Graphic Fiction at UW-Madison

Comics by individual authors, comics anthologies, comics-related books, and graphic fiction are found on this campus in Memorial Library and in College Library's Open Book Collection and occasionally in the Art Library. Comics and graphic fiction can be searched by title, author or keywords. They are grouped together under the Library of Congress subject headings graphic novels or comic books, strips, etc. Here are some additional keywords to search that will help you browse comics, cartoons, and graphic novels in the library's online catalog:

Comic strips, Comics, Cartoonists, Cartoons and comics, Superheroes, Graphic Novels.

You may also search by genre, such as science fiction comics or western comics, or by individual title or illustrator/author.

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""RAW: the graphix magazine of..." in UW Special Collections

The Little Magazine Collection, in UW Special Collections, has recently completed its set of the first eight issues (Volume 1) of Raw, a flagship magazine of the 1980s alternative comics movement, edited by Art Spiegelman and Françoise Mouly. Spiegelman’s Pulitzer-winning graphic novel Maus was originally published in Raw, one chapter at a time, beginning with the December 1980 issue. To see Raw, visit the seventh floor of Memorial Library.