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Short History of Military Nursing : Videos of Nursing in World War I


Some images and statements in these videos may be graphic in nature. Video selection was based on quality of information contained within and do not reflect the opinions and/or beliefs of Ebling Library or the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  Viewer discretion is advised.

Nurses at the Front Lines

Short documentary of Canadian Nurses in World War I

Diaries of a First World War Nurse

Dorothea Crewdson, a Red Cross nurse, was given instructions to leave for northern France in 1915. She spent the next four years as a witness to some of the worst horror of the Great War, yet her diaries, with their beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, sparkle with warmth and humour. 


American Nurse in World War I

The American Red Cross has quietly and caringly provided assistance to the world throughout the past century. This is the story of Marion McCune Rice, a Red Cross nurse who served in France during World War I.  WARNING, images may be graphic, viewer descretion is advised. 37 minutes.