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Qualitative Research and Data : Data Analysis

This guide contains links to information, resources, and tools that support various aspects of qualitative research.

Data Analysis

Tools for Qualitative Data Analysis:

Christian Schmieder at the UW Cooperative Extension is an expert on qualitative data analysis and software. He has taught close to 150 workshops, lectures and guided work sessions on qualitative data analysis and the use of qualitative data analysis software (MAXQDA, NVIVO, ATLAS.TI, Dedoose). At UW-Cooperative Extension, he develops the Data Jam Toolkit, a curriculum focusing on teaching analytic literacy through use of qualitative data analysis software. You can also find guides on qualitative analysis and software on his personal website.

MERIT Library provides information about QDA (qualitative data analysis) tools and supports on this page. It includes links to WCER-ADS (an application delivery service that is sponsored by the Wisconsin Center for Educational Research) and Transana, a sofware tool capable of analyzing data in a variety of formats (e.g. audio, text, video, image, and survey). WCER-ADS offers a variety of statistical software packages at no cost to members of the School of Education. Additional software titles are available by request and/or with a user-purchased license, and there is a software hosting option for users. 
The MERIT Library resource page also provides hints and guides for using various types of software during qualitative research.

Tom Durkin, Social Science/Social Work Librarian teaches NVivo 11 Software Basic classes through the Social Science Computing Cooperative. To see if this class is being offered, view the training schedule here. You can also contact Tom about being a speaker to your group.