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LITTRANS 275: Literature in Translation: The Tales of Hans Christian Andersen (Fall 2022) : Find Articles

Selecting Databases by Subject or Type









Select databases from the library home page ( Use dropdown menu from Catalog button to go to Databases

There are several ways to browse and to select databases: 

  1. Search by name of the database (for example, "Academic Search").
  2. Use Browse by Subject/Type to choose databases that find articles (and more) in a subject area.
  3. Visit Top 10 Databases or Introductory Databases to choose from a selection of popular databases. 

Note:  "Articles Search" searches some library databases at once. Apply filters by date, source, document type, (and more).

Multi-Subject Databases

Subject-Specific Databases

Multi-subject databases are great for getting starting with your research. You may want to go beyond them to search databases that focus on specific subjects.  Below are databases focused on literature, folklore, and history, subjects relevant to this course.



Database Search Tips

  • Use AND to combine search terms to find results with both terms: Romanticism AND tales
  • Use OR to combine similar search terms or synonyms to find results with either term: religion OR Christianity
  • Use quotation marks ( " ") to search for terms as a phrase: "folk tales"
  • Use an asterisk ( * ) to retrieve singular and plural forms or varied endings of search terms:
    Romantic* = Romantic, Romantics, Romanticism
  • Review "subjects" or "subject headings" or "descriptors" to identify additional and useful search terms.
  • Apply limits or filters to your results (by date, document type, language, etc.). 

Getting to Full Text

Follow    (Find It button) or the "Find It at UW Madison" link in most databases to:

  • get online full text (when available)
  • see if the journal is available in print (Library Catalog)
  • request a copy of the article if full text is not available online ("Request a Copy" link)

If you already have a citation, use this Citation Search to search for your article.