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Gender and Sexual Identity: An Undergraduate Research Guide : Feminism



About Feminism

This guide provides an introduction to resources, including databases and books, pertaining to feminism. Feminism is advocating for women’s rights with the belief that both sexes are equal. It includes a variety of ideologies and social and political movements, all of which share the goal to explain and achieve women’s rights: politically, economically, personally, and socially.


Try searching these terms using the resources linked on this page:

Feminism, Feminist Theory, Feminism AND Women’s Rights, Feminism AND Feminist Theory, Feminism AND Social Movement, Feminism AND Society, Feminism AND History, Feminism AND Culture, Feminism AND United States*, Feminism AND Sexism, Feminism AND Multiculturalism, Feminism AND Media, Feminism AND Politics, Feminism AND Education, Feminism AND Criticism, Feminism AND Western Culture

*You can search for "feminism" in other geographical locations, such as China or Japan or Australia etc.

Overview Resources - Background Information

Articles - Scholarly and Popular

Statistitcs and Data