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Wisconsin Historical Society Newspaper Collections : Chronicling America

Information about the newspapers at the Wisconsin Historical Society and beyond.

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We offer press and activity kits designed to publicize Wisconsin newspapers in Chronicling America; as well as workshops and programming on resources in Chronicling America. Please contact Randi Ramsden for more information.

Portrait of Robert Stephen Goddertz, a Wisconsin State Journall newspaper delivery boy, wearing a large delivery bag and extending a newspaper toward the camera. WHI ID 54821

Portrait of Robert Stephen Goddertz, a Wisconsin State Journal newspaper delivery boy, wearing a large delivery bag and extending a newspaper toward the camera. WHI ID 54821

Wisconsin Newspapers and Chronicling America

The Wisconsin Historical Society is part of the National Digital Newspaper Program, a partnership between the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Library of Congress to provide access to historic newspaper published between 1789 and 1963. NEH awards support state projects to select and digitize historically significant titles that are aggregated and permanently maintained by LC at Chronicling America. Through this website, historic newspaper pages are freely available and keyword searchable.

The Society has digitized over 100,000 pages of newspapers providing a diverse geographic, social, and political picture of the state. As Wisconsin newspapers appear in Chronicling America, they will be linked below.

Wisconsin Newspapers in Chronicling America

Dodgeville Chronicle, 1862-1876

Grant County Herald, 1843-1844

Iowa County Democrat, 1877-1922

Wisconsin Herald, and Grant County Advertiser, 1844-1845

Manitowoc Pilot, 1859-1922

Wisconsin Herald, 1846-1849

Manitowoc Tribune, 1867-1878

Grant County Herald, 1850-1925

Wisconsin Tribune, 1847-1854

Iron County News, 1923-1925

Mineral Point Tribune, 1854-1858

Eagle River Review, 1890-1925

Mineral Point Weekly Tribune, 1859-1868

Southport Telegraph, 1840-1850

Mineral Point Tribune, 1869-1922

Kenosha Telegraph, 1850-1854

Superior Times, 1870-1910

Kenosha Tribune and Telegraph, 1855

Watertown Republican, 1860-1906

Tribune and Telegraph, 1855-1856

Watertown Weekly Leader, 1906-1908

Kenosha Tribune & Telegraph, 1856-1859

Weekly Watertown Leader, 1908-1909

The Kenosha Telegraph and Tribune, 1859-1860

Watertown Leader, 1909-1911

The Kenosha Telegraph, 1860-1888

Watertown Weekly Leader, 1912-1917

The Telegraph-Courier, 1888-1925

Watertown News, 1917-1919

The River Falls Journal, 1857-1861

Wood County Reporter, 1857-1922

Prescott Journal, 1861-1871

Wausau Pilot, 1900-1918

River Falls Journal, 1872-1925

Nord Stern, 1913-1921

The River Falls Times, 1894-1925

Vernon County Censor, 1898-1922

Baraboo Weekly News, 1923-1925

Washburn Times, 1899-1922

Eagle River Democrat, 1895-1896

Sonntagsbote, 1906-1912

Vilas County News, 1896-1925

Sonntagsbote und der Seebote, 1912-1922

Kinder-Post, 1890-1893 (children's supplement Der Herold, Milwaukee Herold)

Jugend-Post, 1890, 1893-1895 (youth supplement Der HeroldMilwaukee Herold)

Odanah Star, 1912-1916

Ashland Chronicle, 1916

La Nostra Terra, 1904-1911

Our Land=Nostra Terra, 1913

Iron County News, 1913-1922

Wauwatosa News, 1900-1922

Wisconsin Tobacco Reporter, 1899-1922

Wisconsin Weekly Blade, 1916-1922

Northern Wisconsin Advertiser, 1898-1922

Ladysmith News, 1905

Ladysmith News and Ingram News, 1905-1906

Ladysmith News, 1906-1907

Ladysmith News-Budget, 1907-1922

Baraboo News, 1904-1911

Baraboo Weekly News, 1912-1922

How to use Chronicling America

Searching, Clipping, and Saving Content

Ohio History Connection created guides on accessing, searching, and saving content from Chronicling America. Using Chronicling America Podcast Series are short YouTube videos on getting started, while Chronicling America Search Strategy Videos  are short YouTube videos that dig deeper into advanced searching.

Visual Impact

Clipping, saving, and editing content from Chronicling America is easy and can add visual impact to presentations, paper, and projects. See NDNP Podcast 9 - How Do I Print And Save Images? for step-by-step instructions on clipping, printing, or saving content. Saved files can be opened in many applications and edited. 

Locations of newspapers digitized as part of the National Digital Newspaper Program.


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