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Library Guide for Law Journals : E-Resources and Databases

A guide for Law Journal editors, cite-checkers and staff, including print and online resources.

Note about using E-Resources

While there are an increasing number of E-Resources that acceptable for cite-checking and other uses in Law Reviews, make sure to double-check before relying on one that is not listed here. If you use Google and locate a PDF, make sure that your source is a trusted one. I have taken care to only include sources here that are safe and trusted for use in cite-checking and for verifiable legal research. If you have other questions, please ask a reference librarian!



Non-Law E-Resources and Databases

Most Important E-Resources and Databases

Westlaw, Lexis and Bloomberg Law can all be helpful to an extent for journals. Use them if you are having trouble locating your source in the other e-resouces listed above, and only then make sure that your source is consistent across at least two of the three sources.

International Law E-Resources and Databases