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Japan Studies : Dictionaries/Encyclopedias

Free Online Dictionaries


Goo jisho

Google translator.


Provides words, kanji, example sentences i both English and Japanese.

Sanseido web dictionary


Japan Knowledge 

About Japan: Encyclopedias, dictionaries, and database.

Japan: An Illustrated Encyclopedia

Entry words also in Japanese. Includes bibliographical references, and indexes.


世界大百科事典=Heibonsha's world encyclopedia

Japan: Profile of a Nation

English and Japanese: Colophon in Japanese


Online Dictionaries

CJKV-English Dictionary

This dictionary-database represents the onging results of 20 years of research in East Asia pre-modern texts, from Zhou dynasty materials  to nineteenth-century writings in China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

Digital Dictionary of Buddhism 

This dictionary is a compilation of Buddhism terms, texts, temple, schools, persons, etc. that found in Buddhist canonial source. 

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