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International Governmental Organizations : NATO

About NATO

Also known as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

NATO is a military and political alliance of 28 countries from Europe and North America, established in 1949 by the North Atlantic Treaty, also known as the Washington Treaty.

Web site

NATO Home page

Thematic index: page links grouped by theme. It's a good way to see how NATO is organized. Themes include

  • Principal policy and decision-making institutions
  • Peace-support and crisis-management operations
  • Operations in and relations with specific countries/regions
  • Emerging security challenges
  • New capabilities
  • Opening up of the Alliance
  • NATO’s civilian and military structures
  • Principal NATO committees and policy bodies

Official texts going back to the North Atlantic Treaty, established April 4, 1949. Documents are listed chronologically, from newest to oldest. You can also search the documents.

Newsroom: Mouse over the Newsroom link in the menu bar at the top of the page for links to press releases, speeches, and transcripts from present back to 2008, and the Newsroom Archive for items published from 2000 to 2008.

NATO LibGuides

NATO on Duty: Interactive map indicating where NATO currently has missions or deployments; and, by changing the legend at the right, what countries are contributing troops, what countries are in which kinds of partnerships, and more.

  • Cover topics such as Cyberspace Security, Energy Security, Intelligence Sharing, Partnerships in general, and NATO relations with other international organizations, such as the European Union and United Nations, or countries and regions, such as Russia and the Balkans.
  • Contain links to topic pages, documents, and some articles published by NATO.

Finding books, periodicals, pamphlets at the library

The University of Wisconsin-Madison's libraries have print documents published by NATO. The print documents are included in the library catalog.

Hints for searching the library catalog

  • Search "North Atlantic Treaty Organization" in the
    • Authors/creators box to find publications issued by the organization
    • Subjects box to find publications about the organization
  • Type phrases in quotation marks. Example:
    "North Atlantic Treaty Organization"
  • Some IGOs use British spellings of words in their names.

    Try both American and British English-language spellings if you're not getting many results. Common words affected by this:

    American spelling British spelling
    center centre
    defense defence
    organization organisation
    program programme