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South Asian Music : Audio & Video

This research guide focuses on South Asian Music. It is intended to be a useful place to start your research, using resources from Mills Music Library and the open web.

Using Library Catalog for Audio & Video Recordings

A Basic Search of Library Catalog will enable you to determine what UW-Madison has in terms of audio and video recordings of South Asian music. Search by Anywhere or Subject, using combinations such as "Music India" or "Music Carnatic," or "Music Pakistan" or "Music Hindustani" and use the Refine options (Formats, Subjects, Authors, etc.) in the left navigation pane to help narrow the results. Here a few examples of what you might find:

Feature Films

UW-Madison Libraries offer a variety of feature films from South Asia, with most coming from India. An Anywhere search in Library Catalog for "feature films India" will reveal hundreds of titles. Many of these films are housed at the Microforms/Media Center (MMC), Room 443 in Memorial Library.


Cassette technology, both for recording and playback, has played a significant role in the distribution of music from South Asia. Mills Music Library has hundreds of cassettes available, and cassette decks to facilitate listening. An Anywhere search of Library Catalog using IDN cassette will yield a list of the Indian music cassettes; the Pakistani music cassettes all have call numbers starting with PAK.

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