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Introduction to Historical Research : Articles

This guide is an introduction to selected resources available for historical research. It covers both primary sources and secondary materials.

Finding Scholarly Articles

There are a number of tools you can use to find scholarly articles written on historical topics.  Although many articles are freely available on the web, vast amounts are not. This is not to say that internet search engines are not an important part of your search, in fact Google Scholar is an excellent tool, it just means that your research should not end there.

The library provides access to databases that contain articles that will be crucial to your research, and we suggest you explore those too.  Visit the Databases page of the library web site for a complete listing of library databases.

Below are some suggested core database to begin your search:

Finding the fulltext of an article

Below you will find a couple ways to access the online fulltext of a journal article:

1.  Follow the Find It button in most databases to:

  • access online full text (when available) - click link to online resource
  • see if the journal is available in print (library catalog) - click "Look for Print and Other Formats in the Library Catalog"
  • request a free PDF of the article if full text is not available online - click Request A Copy and log into Interlibrary Loan

2.  If you already know what article you are looking for and you have the citation, search the journal title using Find journals by title