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Tools for Research in Library & Information Studies : HTML & CSS

An introduction to resources and research techniques for Library & Information Studies.

Why learn HTML and CSS?

For librarians, archivists, and other information professionals, a working knowledge of HTML and CSS is essential. Having this working knowledge means information professionals can:

  • troubleshoot and solve website format problems
  • tweak or modify existing websites
  • build basic webpages
  • communicate better with in-house technology staff

In other words, having these skills makes individuals valuable assets to the library or institution that employs them.

Step-By-Step Tutorials

Hands-on Practice

HTML5 & CSS3 Beginners' Tutorial

This web series from Quentin Watt will walk you through the basics of HTML5 and CSS3.

HTML5 & CSS3 Beginners' Tutorial

Subject Guide

Helpful ebooks

Reference Websites


Google if you have questions about coding.

Help on Campus