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Copyright for Digital Media Assignments : Permissions

This guide provides resources regarding copyright for students using images, video, and music for Digital Media Assignments.


If your intended use exceeds copyright restrictions on a particular work and you cannot make a Fair Use Argument, you should seek permission from the copyright owner.


  1. Determine the copyright owner.
    Hint: This could be the publisher, author, artist, photographer, videographer, etc.
  2. Contact the copyright holder for each object you plan to use.
    Hint: This can take time, so plan ahead. Many websites have copyright permission links in their page footers or home page.
    Hint: Many publishers are members of the Copyright Clearance Center.  Contact CCC.
  3. Include the following in your permission request:
    • Your name and contact information
    • The object you wish to use
    • How you intend to use the object
    • What format you will use
    • Whether your use is for educational or commercial purposes
    • Why you want to use the object
    • Your intention to acknowledge the author/creator and in what format 
  4. Keep a record of all correspondence.

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