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Musical Instruments : Home

Lists and links to resources to help you learn more about the entire panoply of musical instruments.

Online Reference

The following online reference resources contain information on a broad range of instruments. Try searching for yours!

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About This Guide

The Musical Instruments Research Guide suggests resources for researching the history, cultural contexts, and mechanics of musical instruments.  Resources contain not only text, but often also images, audio, and video.

This home page contains broad resources that apply to a wide range of instruments.  For selected resources tailored to categories of instruments, please use the tabs in red along the top of this page.  Hover over the drop-down menus within the tabs to find sub-pages relevant to specific instruments.

*This guide is still under construction.  Please feel free to look around at what information we have so far, but there will be more coming, so stop by again soon!*

Article Databases (UW-Licensed)

Besides encyclopedia articles, you may also want to find articles in magazines or journals.

The following are article databases especially relevant to this topic that cover popular and scholarly journals from a range of time periods and countries.

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