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Afro-Latin America : Journal Articles

Core Article Databases

Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI) Online

HAPI contains over 275,000 journal article citations about Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Brazil, and Hispanics/Latinos in the United States.  HAPI also provides over 60,000 links to the full text of articles appearing in more than 600 key social science and humanities journals published throughout the world.

Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC)

LANIC's editorially reviewed directories contain over 12,000 unique URLs, one of the largest guides for Latin American content on the Internet.  Its interface allows users to search, as well as browse by topic and region.

Core Journals

Bulletin of Latin American Research: a multi-disciplinary collection of scholarly articles, book and article reviews,  and reviews of broad topics of research.

Handbook of Latin American Studies: available in English, Spanish and Portuguese language interfaces; an annotated bibliography of works within the Humanities and Social Sciences.

LatinNews: issues weekly reports on news within Latin America by region; very useful for basic information on current events.

Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies: a multi-disciplinary collection of articles with a focus on research and debate in the subject areas of anthropology, communication studies, history and literature.

Journal of Latin American Studies: presenting recent research in the fields of economics, geography, politics, international relations, sociology, social anthropology, economic history and cultural history; also includes current events and book reviews; published quarterly.

Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies: focuses on race relations, ethnicity, indigenous peoples; includes case studies, comparative analysis and theories related to Latin America and the Caribbean written by authors worldwide.

Latin American Perspectives: discusses and debates the political economies of capitalism, imperialism, and socialism in the Americas; issues tend to focus on a specific area or region within Latin America; multi-disciplinary focus includes economics, political science, international relations, philosophy, history, geography, sociology, anthropology and literature; only published through 2005.

Latin American Research Review: focuses on current, original research in economics, culture, and politics; published three times yearly.

Latin Beat Magazine: a source for popular publications, many on Afro-Latin music.

Observatório Social de América Latina: Spanish language publication; offers a view of the Latin American experience, debates and summaries surrounding social movements in recent years.

Revista de música latinoamericana: explores the historical, ethnographic,social and cultural aspects of Latin American music in the United States, including that of Puerto Rican, Mexican, Cuban, and Portuguese populations; articles are written in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.

Finding Journal Articles

Finding Articles in a Database

At the UW libraries, journal articles are often found by using Article Databases (example: JSTOR.)  These databases compile journal articles that are of interest to a specific subject area. 

We have listed Article Databases that are of interest to researchers of Afro-Latin America in "Core Article Databases" in the middle column to the left.

Finding Articles in a Journal

Journal articles can also be found if you know the specific Journal Title you are looking for (example: National Geographic.)  You can find these through the Library Catalog by searching by journal title in the catalog or browsing the E-Journal title list

We have listed specific journals of interest to researchers of Afro-Latin America in "Core Journals" in the middle column to the left.