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Atmospheric/Oceanic/Climate Research Guide : Articles & Books

A guide to selected research tools in the atmospheric and related sciences.


The UW-Madison Libraries have licensed many databases for your use. Those containing literature related to the atmospheric sciences are selectively listed below, with the best meteorology-related files listed toward the top. Once you find specific articles you'd like to read, search for the journal titles in the Library Catalog to determine which libraries on campus have them or use the Find It button within the record to locate full-text journal articles.

Meteorological and Geoastophysical Abstracts, 1974- 

  • Meteorology and climatology
  • Physical oceanography, hydrology and glaciology
  • Remote sensing, atmospheric chemistry, and physics 

Web of Science, 1965-

  • Earth and atmospheric science
  • Astronomy, physics, computer science, chemistry

Scopus, 1996-

  • Atmospheric, oceanic, and climate studies
  • Physics, astronomy, computer science, chemistry

National Technical Reports Library

  • Government-funded research in science and technology fields

INSPEC, 1896-

  • Physics, electrical engineering, electronics, computers

Georef, 1669 (North America)- 1933 (Worldwide)-

  • Earth sciences

Oceanic Abstracts, 1981-

  • Marine biology, physical oceanography, fisheries
  • Aquaculture, meteorology, geology
  • Environment, technology and legislative topics

Advanced Technologies Database with Aerospace, 1962-

  • Aeronautics and astronautics
  • Computer technology and electronics
  • Space and atmospheric sciences

NASA Technical Reports Server

  • NASA conference papers, images, journal articles, patents, research reports

Google and Google Scholar,

  • Search scientific literature with results ranked by relevancy
  • Read About Google Scholar for information on content and coverage
  • See Google's Advanced Search page to limit searched to link, title, or domain
  • For more in-depth information subject-specific databases (listed above) are highly recommended



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