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Animal Science : Animal Science Jobs & Careers

Research Potential Employers


Visit Potential Employer Home Pages to Learn About Them for:


  • Cover letter and interview preparation
  • Email and snailmail contacts
  • Job openings with details
  • Resume requirements
  • The image they present to the public
  • For example, see Kraft Heinz
  • Use search engine, e.g. Google, to find employer home page

Ask a Librarian for Help!


  • Many job search resources are available on the Internet
  • Persistence and follow-up is Important
  • Your Career and Advising Service can provide more help
  • Good Luck!


Thanks to the following for their help on what should be included in this workshop: Margaret F. Riley Dikel, The Riley Guide; Dr. John Harkin, emeritus UW-Madison Soil Science Dept.; Carole Blemker, UW Madison SLIS; Pam Baker, UW-Madison College Library; Susan Barribeau, UW-Madison Memorial Library; Scott Johnson, UW-Madison CALS Academic Student Affairs, Christine Lupton, formerly at UW-Madison CALS Office of Career Services, and Beth Boeing-Hoffman, formerly at UW-Madison Dept. of Life Science Communications.

Before Starting Your Job Search You Must Decide...

  • What do I want to do and what am I qualified for?
  • What job titles are associated with my field/major?
  • Who do I want to work for and where?
  • What job search methods do I want to use?


Career Exploration and Job Hunting

Newspaper Listings and Magazines/Journals with Job Ads

Networking, Interviewing, and Salaries

Networking Resources:

  • Alumni Directories
  • Organization Membership Directories
  • Wisconsin Alumni Association
  • Professors: "Do you know someone working in this area? NOT "Do you know of any jobs?"


Internships and Summer Jobs

Create Your Own Internship

  • Start early
  • Contact your career services dept. for help in setting up for credit
  • 2-3 internships recommended during your college career
  • Search Google for subject internship e.g.poultry  internship OR intern