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iPad Applications for Lawyers, Law Faculty and Law Students.

Basic iPad Apps

Now that the iPad Pro is out, and the latest, simply called IPad, a cheaper version that might work well for a first time buyer.   Still not able to replace a laptop but getting much closer.  


Articles on what is included with the iPad

Best iPad for 2022: Navigating Apple's Tablets

Guess what? There's no perfect iPad right now.

Each iPad comes with Built-in Applications.  These Apps include:

Apple Tips

Guides on how to get the most from your iPad & the ability to find your iPad if you lose it.  One other item, now that you have an iPad you should protect it.  Invest in a cover and add screen protectors to the front and back to protect your tablet from scratches would be a good investment. 




Featured Tips


Tips & Tricks for the iPad - Secrets for iPad Lite

Books in the Law Library & Books Available Through Books24x7

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