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Researching Legal Topics : And More Research Tips

Tips on legal research for seminar papers and law review articles for law students.

More Research Tips

Research Strategies for topic papers include planning far in advance to gather material required to write your paper, tips include:


Schedule Time for Research.  Plan ahead when preparing to research your paper, scholarly research requires planning and includes time for reading books and legal articles on your topic.  You may also need to consider the time involved to obtain material through Article & Book Delivery.  If the books and documents you need are off campus, it could take weeks to obtain them from another library.

Organize your Research.   You will need to keep track of your research so you can refer to it later.  To do this keep a log of your research that you can easily access when needed.   Remember that you will need complete citations of the material that you've found.   You can use your log to refine your paper with additional research and analysis.

Save a Copy of Your Online Research Strategies.   To refer to later when you may need to update your research.