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Researching Legal Topics : Secondary Resources: Legal Journals & News Sources

Tips on legal research for seminar papers and law review articles for law students.

Legal Periodical Databases

General Material & News Databases

Example of general databases that can provide information on your topic.  For a full list of databases available through the UW Library System, see the main library Web site: and select the tab for "databases," you can search by subject area of by name of the database. 


SEARCH TIP:  Locate the "Advanced Search" feature.  Browse the HELP guides in these databases to learn what symbol they use for Truncation, Wildcard, or BOOLEAN OPERATORS (AND, OR, NOT).


A few databases are listed in this below.  These are but a sample of the hundreds of databases available to UW students at the UW Library System. 

Subject Specific Databases

Sample of databases available on non-law and law topics.  For more information and databases available at the UW, see the general library system Web site under the tab Databases.  These are listed alphabetically and grouped by subject.