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LSC 360: Life Sciences Communication. Information Radio (Spring 2024) : Home

Library Session & Guide for LSC 360

This guide is a companion to the LSC 360 library session and provides resources for both course assignments and professional development.

The library session will focus on:

  • Locating appropriate resources to find different types of information needed for journalistic research, especially those that address or impact diverse communities
  • Identifying the cultural centering of information resources - whose voices are speaking and whose viewpoints are being represented
  • Using resources in your reporting in a way that respects and benefits the community

Effectively using credible resources in Life Sciences Communication will help you to:

  • Build your knowledge base
  • Track trends
  • Focus your area
  • Communicate accurately and respectfully

Centering Community in Reporting

The Diversity Style Guide

The Diversity Style Guide is both a website and book edited by Rachele Kanigel, a professor of journalism at San Francisco State University. Both resources offer guidance for language use, strategies for confronting bias and stereotypes, links to professional organizations, and more.

Black Media in Wisconsin

"Black media led the abolitionist and civil rights movements, and continue to have a strong presence in Wisconsin and the country. A talk show host, a newspaper editor and the director of a national advocacy group share their perspectives about the importance and future of Black media." (The Morning Show, Wisconsin Public Radio, February 2024)

Research Guide

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Barbara Sisolak
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