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Women's History Research in Archives : Find an Archive

How to research women's history in archival sources

Find an Archive Near You

Women's history is everywhere.  Find an archive near you and use strategies from the Women's History Research page of this guide to locate women's history related collections.


Information about primary source materials in manuscript and special collections in the United States, United Kingdom, and Ireland. Search by collection name, repository, date, geographical location, or subject.


Includes over four million descriptions of primary source collections owned by thousands of archives, libraries, museums, and historical societies worldwide. Search by location, keyword or zipcode.


Search [name of your state] archives

Find the Papers of an Individual or an Organization


Use the Advanced Search and choose Archival Material from the Format dropdown

Enter the name as a keyword. Try searching the name as a title or author if you get too many keyword results.

The Find a Copy in the Library area at the bottom of the screen will tell you what archive holds the materials.


If you can not find the collection you are looking for, that does not necessarily mean it does not exist.

Check the works cited in published biographies and histories for references to the collection you are looking for.

Search in the institution's online catalog for more information about the collection.