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Science & Engineering Libraries

Science & Engineering Libraries



Citizen Science is an endeavor in which scientific knowledge is advanced through the collaboration of researchers with engaged members of the public. Citizen scientists lend their passion, knowledge, and skill to observe phenomena, record data, and assist, actively, with researchers in the field.

This guide has been created to bring together selected resources that speak to citizen science as a topic of scholarship and community of practice as well as to tangible opportunities in which our public and research staff might engage.

While opportunities abound, it has been my intent (primarily) to identify and to link to programs, projects, and educational tools (library collections and services) from within our "neighborhood"--our institution, Wisconsin and the Midwest.

Companion Research Guide

Research Impact: Broader Societal Impacts


The Tick App! 'Your Tick Expert On-The-Go!'

Do you ever wonder why you are always finding ticks on yourself or around you, but your friends never do? Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a mobile application that allows users to share their experiences with ticks to help prevent future tick bites.

After an initial 5 minute survey to gather information about a user’s environment, Tick App participants are encouraged to tell researchers about their daily activities and tick encounters (or lack thereof) during peak tick season in the “Daily Log” feature of the app. When you start your logs during the peak tick season, you can get daily reminders, so you remember to check for ticks and tell the researchers about your outdoor activities.

Questions about the Tick App can be directed to the UW-Madison Research team in the Midwest Center of Excellence for Vector-Borne Diseases through or 608-265-4741.

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Citizen Science Month

Citizen Science, At Home

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Engage with Science in Our Community (Campus Calendar of Events)

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