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Public Health : Statistics and Data


This page contains world, U.S. national, and U.S. state and county data and statistics.

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World Statistics & Data

Below are links to sites containing world statistics and data.

U.S. National Statistics

Below are links to sites containing U.S. National Statistics.

U.S. State and County Statistics

Below are links to sites containing U.S. State and County statistics.

What Data Are You Looking For?

Wisconsin Data

For Wisconsin-specific data and resources, see the Wisconsin tab of this guide.

Additional Data Sources

For additional data sources, see the Health Data and Statistics Guide. This guide, created by the Ebling Library, provides links to selected sources of data and statistics collected and provided by numerous organizations and agencies.

Need help sharing or managing your research data?

Reach out to the Research Data Services (RDS) team! RDS is a free resource for UW-Madison affiliates that provides consultations, best practice information, and education and training on research data management and sharing. Click here to visit the RDS website.