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Evidence Based Medicine : Appraise


After acquiring the evidence found by searching literature databases, the next step is to apply a critical lens to the results of that search. Appraising the literature involves critically evaluating what has been found for validity and applicability to the problem at hand. For more information on appraising the literature, see our collections of key appraisal resources below:

  • Appraisal Tools: A collection of worksheets to critically appraise the literature for validity and applicability to a patient or population.
  • Clinical Statistics for EBM: Calculators and other information on using statistical methods for numbers need to treat, risk ratios, relative risk, and other statistical considerations in evidence-based medicine.
  • Evidence Rating Scales/Schema: Commonly used evidence rating scales or taxonomies that are used to make recommendations or summarizing findings. Applying an evidence grade is an important step for systematic reviews and other higher level evidence syntheses.