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Mathematics : The arXiv

The arXiv

The arXiv is the number one pre-print database for mathematical and scientific articles. In fact, even though it was originally started to house physics articles, mathematics is now the most common subject for articles in the arXiv, with around 300,000 articles.

The Mathematics arXiv

The mathematics section of the arXiv can be browsed in many ways. You can look at only new or recent articles; every article from a year and month; or all articles since a specific date. Mathematics has even been further split into 36 categories, such as Algebraic Geometry, Dynamical Systems, and Operator Algebras. For each of these categories, it is possible to browse articles by new, recent, or current month.

Note: It is important to remember all the information on the arXiv has been submitted by the author of the article. Articles in the arXiv have not necessarily undergone any peer review process.

Searching the arXiv

Mathematics arXiv Search

When searching the arXiv it is important to remember that it houses hundreds of thousands of papers from highly technical subjects. This means you need to be thoughtful and specific when searching. In general, unless you know the title or arXiv-id for an article, the search box on the front page should be avoided in favor of the advanced search.

arXiv advanced search with Graph Theory being searched across all fields, Cops and Robbers across Title, and 05C10 across MSC Classification. Mathematics choose as subject and no date range chosen.

The arXiv's advanced search allows you to search by title, author, ORCID ID, abstract, arXiv subject category, DOI, and even Mathematical Subject Classification, as well as filtering by subject and date ranges. To search all fields at once, choose All Fields from the drop down and if you are searching by author name use the last name, first name format.

Making the arXiv work for you

Subscribe to receive new articles

Send an email to with the subject subscribe *Your Name* and add *Name of Category* in the body
If you want to receive all new articles about algebraic geometry, put add Algebraic Geometry in the body of the email.
You can always remove algebraic geometry from your subscription by sending a second email with del Algebraic Geometry

Subscribe to new articles via RSS

You can subscribe to an RSS of all mathematics new articles using the URL
It is also possible to subscribe to only a single category by adding .XY to the end of the URL, where XY is the category code.
For example if you wanted to subscribe to all new combinatorics articles you would use