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Mathematics : Suggested Books by Subject

About the Book Lists

The following are suggested readings in the main areas within mathematics. The books listed as establishing texts are meant to give readers new to a subject area a sense breadth of a subject and the fundamental results therein. The books listed as further reading are for those ready to really dive in and go deep on a topic. Any book marked with a * is suggested reading for the Mathematics Department's Qualifying Exams.


Establishing Texts:
Contemporary abstract algebra - Gallian
A survey of modern algebra - Birkhoff
Linear algebra and its applications - Strang
Linear algebra - Hoffman and Kunze*

Deeper Reading:
Abstract algebra - Dummit
Galois theory - Artin*
Algebra : a graduate course - Isaacs* 
Algebra - Hungerford*
An introduction to the theory of groups - Rotman*

Establishing Texts:
Principles and techniques in combinatorics - Chen
Combinatorics and graph theory - Harris
Foundations of applied combinatorics - Bender
Graphs & digraphs - Chartrand
Graph theory : an introductory course - Bollobás

Further Reading:
Enumerative combinatorics. Volume 1 - Stanley
Graph theory - Tutte
Spectral graph theory - Chung
Random graphs - Bollobás
Ramsey theory - Graham, Rothschild, & Spencer
Handbook of combinatorics - Graham, Grötschel, & Lovász
Probabilistic methods in combinatorics - Erdös & Spencer

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