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Assessment & Student Learning Outcome Resources for Law Schools : Assessment & Student Learning Outcome Toolkits & Online Tools

Teaching and Learning resources

Individual Consultations

For individual consultations, please contact Jenny Zook at 

Learning Assessment Toolkits at the UW

Law Faculty & Staff: For assistance with the new Canvas system, contact Tech. Support at

Classroom Assessment Tools - Game Based Learning

Game-based learning can be a fun way to assess learning in a classroom setting.  These tools are easy to use and provide instant formative assessment.

Classroom Assessment Tools - Polling & Surveys

Classroom Assessment Tools - Brainstorming & Virtual Sticky Notes

Brainstorming or mind mapping tools can be used to understand student thinking, share ideas, or get a classroom project started.

Classroom Assessment Tools - Collaborative Spaces

Classrom Assessment Tools - Social Media

You can send students on a treasure hunt with Twitter or provide a quick ice breaker activity using a social media site.

Classroom Assessment Tools - Data Visualization

Classroom Assessment Tools - Word Clouds

Use wordclouds for brainstorming ideas, to show the connection between concepts or ideas, or to add color and drama to a theme.  It is an easy way to add a bit of artwork to your instruction as well.

Video Tools