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Games and Learning : Informal

An overview of using video games in educational environments.

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About This Page

This page will cover the basics behind games and learning. You will find resources that will cover very general concepts such as videos, books, and journals. The tabs under Guide Contents on the far right side of the page are separated by your interest in games. Click on any of these tabs to get more in-depth information on this topic. 

Books from Catalog

Kurt Squire

University of Madison's Kurt Squire makes the connection between video games, learning, and civic participation.

Constance Steinkuehler

Games scholar Constance Steinkuehler describes how games are well designed for learning and to capture interests.

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Games Journals

This section will cover some of the general resources for the topic of Games and Learning. Because the idea itself is so broad and multi-disciplinary, this section will cover some of the journals that cover both informal and formal learning. For games and learning resources specifically targeted at schooling, click on the formal tab. 

Courses Online

Here you will find a list of online courses that has content on Games and Learning. The materials on these websites should be freely available but you may need to purchase/checkout books as required by the instructor.

Games MOOC

Gamification - Kevin Werbach


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