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Finding Fiction at Memorial : Search the Catalog

Memorial Library has a lot of fiction (it takes up the equivalent of several floors in the library), but it can be tricky to find. This Guide can help you find something fun to read.

How to search the Library Catalog

This page provides examples of how to search our Library Catalog for books in Memorial.

Topics covered are how to search for particular titles or authors and how to conduct general searches for fiction in Memorial.

Remember, there are online resources to finding fiction on the Home page of this guide, as well as print guides to fiction and literature titles under Print Guides.

I know which book I want to read

If you already know the title of the book you wish to check out, you can easily find it in the Library Catalog. The example provided below uses the book title as the search term. You may easily do the same for a particular author.

  • From the search page, type the title in the box
  • Select "Title" from the drop-down menu

Title search

  • Click Search
  • Each catalog record will provide information on the availability of the title, the location, and call number:

General searches for fiction

If you are not sure exactly what you want to read, but let's say you have a genre idea, such as a mystery novel, you can search our catalog for mystery titles. Below is an example of how to search the Library Catalog for mysteries. Once you are familiar with the catalog and how to search, experiment with and explore various search terms.

From the Advanced Search page, put your topic in the keyword box:

Scroll down and type fiction into the subject box:

After clicking search, you can limit your results to Memorial Library (you can also do this prior to searching; it is your preference):

You may also refine or limit your results based on a variety of facets, such as subjects, language, and geographic subjects. Click on any of these to limit your results. For example, you can refine your search to "women detectives" and California. These facets are all located on the left-hand navigation panel:

Subject Guide

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